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Ciao, Ik Ben Chiao
Chiao always comes across with a question about his particular theme-less approach in his design education. In continuous practices, he insists on taking this independent way as a battle land to present questions – do we really need a theme to start creating, and is it essential to have a discourse prior to a personal process?
Over the past decades, the cultural world is shaken by ongoing revolutions, carrying topics of socio-political frictions, scientific fantasies, moral debates of a “better future”, alternative spiritual activities, etc. One dream shouts out, defeated, another genre comes up – are all of these movements the forces to push forward human civilization, or are most of them the commodities produced and consumed in the cultural sphere?
Chiao has an understanding of this, and purely wants to speak up, “Ciao, Ik Ben Chiao”. He uses this motto as a theme, This raw material takes him to bypass the manufacturing process, that “transforms his feelings directly into the sculptures